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FEP & PFA shrinktubes

FEP and PFA shrinktubes are made from extruded and then expanded tubes. After heating it, the tube shrinks back until it has reached it's original extrusion-size. This makes the tubes excellently suited to coat rolls and rollers.


  • No adherence of material to rolls and rollers.
  • Resistand against all cleaning and solvents.
  • Up to 850mm seamlessly extruded shrink tubes don't leave marings on the product when using paperguidingrollers and extrusion-laminatorrolls.
  • Heatresistand up to 160°C for FEP and 200°C for PFA.
  • FEP or PFA shrink tube coated syntheticrolls and rubberrollers have a significant increase in durability.
  • The enormous flexibilitie at high temperatures makes coating broad-stretch rollers possible.
  • The low friction resistance and the high surface density prevent friction damage and trouble with plukeffects.

FEP and PFA are practicly resistand against all chemicals. Exceptions are liquid alkalimetals and fluorine, when these are being used at high temperatures. We also advise against the use of complex halluciogenic compounds like chloretriflouride at high temperatures and pressure.


FEP and PFA shrink tubes are available as seamlessly extruded tubes in diameters varying between Ø 22 mm and Ø 850mm. The welded shrink tubes are available in diameters varying between Ø 850mm and Ø 5.000mm.
From Ø 22mm up there are tubes available in lenghts up to a maximum of 10m.

FEP & PFA shrink tubes are being applied in

  • Dryingcylinders
  • Off-set paintrubrolls
  • Broad-stretch rolls
  • Fixatorrolls for copying machines
  • Guide-rolls for foto-developmentequipment
  • Guide-rolls for conveyor belts
  • Guide-rolls for dough kneading machines
  • For the protection of UV-lights at very high UV-transmissionvalues
  • Guide-rolls in fabric
  • Enrichmentmachines
  • Lacrolls
  • Gluerolls
  • The coating of mixingshaft
  • Guide-rolls for paper
  • Highgrade electrical-isolation
  • Exterior coating of chemical measuring equipment
  • Extrusion-laminator rollers


FEP and PFA shrinktubes up to Ø100mm can easily be placed by you.We advise you to let the bigger rollers be coated by us. If wanted, we will also take care of the installation in your company.

Who we

work for

  • Carpet industry
  • Food industry
  • Rubber extrusion
  • Photovoltaic industry
  • Textile industry
  • Non woven industry
  • Screen printing industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • Plastics industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Composite industry
  • Can industry



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